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Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans

The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans covers an area of 222 acres and is divided into the East area and the West area. Sct. Hans has evolved in this locality for almost 200 years. A multitude of buildings and the location of the centre in the landscape contribute to the uniqueness of the centre.
The mission of the centre is to attend to extensive and complex functions of the psychiatric specialties in The Capital Region of Denmark. The centre provides treatment for forensic psychiatric patients (Dep. R) and psychotic patients with substance abuse (Dep. M).

The vision of the centre is that it – through professional efforts – will be able to help special groups of mentally ill patients experience a minimum of illness and an independent existence.

  • For all areas of the centre to provide services, which are both highly professional and of good service – and that these services are ascertainable.
  • For the services to be provided with respect for the patient’s personal integrity.
  • For correlation and continuity in patient courses, both internally in the centre and externally between The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans, relatives, and other collaborators.
  • For employees to base their work on the perception that each individual is unique and has the right to control his/her own life and everyday living.
  • For appreciating that each patient is a human being, to whom the centre is obligated to provide treatment and care which reflect high ethical values and professional competencies.
  • For each employee to wish to take responsibility and learn, and through supporting this, the centre will continue to further develop the professional level.
  • For the high-level services to be organized at a high level of quality and within the framework of the centre.
  • For efficient use of those resources, made available to the centre by The Capital Region of Denmark,
  • For staff commitment to be supported by the choice of processes relating to work and development.
Quality management, planned patient courses, and patient safety
Planned and coherent patient courses are to secure the quality in treatment. We work on developing documentation of the interdisciplinary services in the electronic patient record (EPR), which was implemented across the centre for some years ago. 

The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans received accreditation by Joint Commission in 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and by The Danish Healthcare Quality Programme (DDKM) in 2012. The goal of the accreditation is to heighten patient safety and the quality in the overall patient course.

The professional quality and patient satisfaction are also measured at a national level.

Patients at The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans must feel safe. The staff reports adverse events and we systematically analyze the underlying reasons for the mistakes. This enables us to learn from each other’s mistakes and this is a prerequisite for safety and quality in treatment.

Focus is on the patient

  • The patient must experience his/her centre stay as being coherent and coordinated
  • The patient must be met with respect, accountability, and commitment
  • The patient must be given insight into his/her illness and strengthen his/her social and function skills in order to achieve a higher quality of life

The treatment and care provided by The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans consist of medical treatment, psychiatric nursing care, conversation therapy, environment therapy, physical training, and occupation. In collaboration with the patient, we work on preserving and improving the resources in relation to the illness, and we organize the course of admission and discharge based on the needs of the individual patient.

Staff, education, and development
The centre staff has been trained and specialized in the field of psychiatry. In order to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment, staff competencies are constantly improved through education and learning. The keywords are quality, collaboration, respect, accountability, and commitment.

A plan for the individual employee’s professional and personal development is made during annual competence development interviews, in which the employee and his/her closest manager participate.

In order to reach the target levels of competence development, learning takes place every day in the clinical workplace, which is supported by courses and follow-up training.

We focus on management. We believe that staff satisfaction and the quality of the patient treatment interrelate with good management. Therefore, managers at the centre continuously work on developing the ability to set clear goals, delegate tasks, motivate, promote independence, create social solidarity, and raise the profile of goals and results.

Work environment
The work environment constitutes an integrated and important part of the work in all units across the organization. The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans employs a work environment consultant. The work environment consultant communicates the processes and provides support with all kinds of accessible knowledge, but the choices regarding work environment is made within the organization. This is done as a collaborative effort with the staff in safety groups and committees and based on clear managerial choices.

Technology and infrastructure
The centre utilizes existing technology in relation to the patient treatment, e.g. by using the electronic patient record, as well as by using the Intranet as a central means of communication for the employees. The Intranet is used for communicating general information, management information, and professional development. All relevant professional guidelines, instructions, and policies are located and kept up-to-date in a special database.

Basic psychiatric research and clinical research is conducted at the Research Institute for Biological Psychiatry (Forskningsinstitut for Biologisk Psykiatri) and as a collaborative effort with the psychiatric departments in The Capital Region of Demnark. The research institute holds a research library.


Key figures
The Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans employs approximately 600 employees.

The centre has 180 beds at its disposal. These are distributed across 13 units with both open and closed functions. Moreover, the centre has an outpatient clinic and Assertive Community Treatment in Copenhagen.

The organization of the centre supports the treatment of patients through a wide selection of offers.

Mental Health Centre Sct. Hans
Boserupvej 2
DK 4000 Roskilde

Phone: +45 38 64 20 00
Fax: +45 38 64 20 19


Susanne Schneider