Rating scales and questionnaires

Rating scales and questionnaires developed by Per Bech

The ​WHO-5 questionnaire is to be found at : www.who-5.org

CIDRS Report - English.pdf​​

MDI - Major Depression Inventory:

Besides diagnosing depression, the MDI also makes it possible to register the severity of the depression as indicated by the MDI total score.​​​

There are at present two versions of the MDI – the original version from 2001 and an updated version in which the item of Sleep (item 9) is divided into two: (a) sleeping too little and (b) sleeping too much). This permits a differentiation between typical and atypical depression which, in contrast to typical depression, includes the symptoms of hyperphagia and hypersomnia.​​

MDI – Original version:​​

MDI ​Arabic

MDI Danish

MDI Dutch

MDI English

MDI Finnish

MDI French

MDI German

MDI Norwegian

MDI Spanish

MDI S​wedish

MDI Turkish

MDI – Updated version:​

MDI Danish Updated​

MDI English Updated​

MDI Finnish Updated​​​

MDI French Updated​​

MDI German Updated

MDI Japanese Updated

MDI Swedish Updated

MDI scoring instructions:​

MDI Score Updated

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