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Bjørn H. Ebdrup

DR, Ubegribeligt m. Huxi Bach - 20.04.23
An interview between Bjørn and the journalist Huxi Bach about the nature of a psychosis.

Lægensbord - 16.02.23​
The doctor and journalist Peter Qvortrup Geisling​s podcast, this episode focusing on schizophrenia, interview with two patients, a relative and a doctor, Bjørn Ebdrup.​

Brinkmanns briks, Antipsykotisk medicin - 28.09.22​
Psychologist Svend Brinkmann​ interviewing Bjørn Ebdrup and Merete Nordentoft about the effects of antipsyhotic treatment:.

Radio 4, Kraniebrud - 01.​02.21.
A podcast episode trying to clearify common misconceptions​ about schizoprenia and what the reasearch in this area currently focuses on. With professors Bjørn H. Ebdrup and Merete Nordentoft; co-host Kasper Bonnesen and host Mikkel Krause.

Videnskabens veje - 04.06.19
Videnskabens veje (a podcast series that focuses on the research in Psychiatry from the Capital Region. Different researchers talk about their research areas and what this may mean for future treatment in psychiatry). This episode: Can 'big data' help improve the treatment of schizophrenia? with professor Bjørn Ebdrup.

Tina Dam Kristensen

Videnskabens veje - 11.11.21
Videnskabens veje (described above). This episode​: White matter can provide clues about the risk of psychosis - Psychologist and postdoc Tina Dam Kristensen.

Cecilie Koldbæk Lemvigh​

Videnskabens veje - 19.12.23

Videnskabens veje (described above). This episode​: Risk factors for schizophrenia - Psychologist and postdoc Cecilie Koldbæk Lemvigh​.


Forskerliv med neuropsykiatri
Bjørn Ebdrup introducing CNSR and our work to the Danish Medical Bulletin​ (danish).

Neurobiologisk forståelse kan reformere behandlingen af psykose
Featured article in '​​​Medicinsk Tidskrift' with Bjørn Ebdrup focusing on the importance of a neurobiological understanding of psychosis.

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