We are improving our mental health facilities


​Mental Health Services Capital Region of Denmark is rebuilding and refurbishing. We want to ensure patients are treated in modern and stimulating environments, which suits new service models and improve the  mental health treatment pathways for our patients.

The framework for the new buildings follows our vision to innovate and change with the aim of delivering mental health services that are evidence-based, targeted and effective.

The new buildings will focus on meeting patients' needs and will offer the following:

  • New large psychiatric emergency units
  • Private rooms for all patient
  • Easy access to improved opportunities for activity and exercise

The new buildings will have patient and staff safety at its core. It will also provide open and welcoming access benefitting both patients and visitors. High quality and modern and safe physical environments will enhance the well-being and treatment of patients.

Patients and staff will be consulted and involved throughout the planning of the building projects.


Mental Health Services Capital Region of Denmark will build and renovate across the region in the coming years. Some of the projects will be smaller adjustments to existing facilities, whilst others will mean completely new facilities.