The BCRED research group collaborates with several other leading research environments within the field of eating disorders.

The BCRED the research group has established collaborations with:

  • Professor Thomas Werge, Institute of Biological Psychiatry, Copenhagen University (Biomarkers and Pathophysiology)

  • Professor Cynthia Bulik, North Carolina University, USA, and Karolinska Institute, Sweden (Biomarkers and Pathophysiology)

  • Professor Janet Treasure, Kings College, London, UK (Clinical aspects, Biomarkers, Endophenotypes)

  • Professor Ulrike Schmidt, Kings College, London, UK (Clinical aspects and Treatment)

  • Professor Rene Støving, University of South Denmark (Biomarkers

  • Professor Keith Wesnes, Northumbria University, UK (Cognition)

  • Professor Hans-Christophe Steinhausen (Epidemiology)