Research group

Below you can see who is part of the research group


Nadia Micali
Head of Research 
MD, MRCPsych., PhD, FAED.

Phone: Coming
E-mail: nadia.micali@regionh.dk

  • Head of the Research Unit of Eating Disorders at Psychiatric Center Ballerup ​​

Anne Bryde Christensen

Senior researcher
PhD in psychiatry, Cand.psych., MRes.psych.

E-mail: anne.bryde.christensen

  • ​Clinical research in psychotherapy and psychological processes in eating disorders

  • Experienced mixed methods researcher with special interest in psychotherapy process and personalized psychotherapy​

Kate Livemore

Chief consultant,
PA to Prof. Nadia Micali

Phone: + 45 24 98 85 76
E-mail: kate.livemore@region.dk

  • Daily running of the administration in the Research Unit

  • PA to Prof Nadia Micali.​

Thea Stine Lokind
Clinical Research Nurse

Phone +45 92 43 46 67
E-mail: thea.stine.lokind

  • Recruiting for PROLED and CREAT

  • Practical and administrative work regarding inclusion of participants

Malina Ploug Larsen
Research administrative coordinator
BA of Nutrition and Health. 
Phone: +45 23838743

E-mail:  malina.ploug.larsen


​Shiva Nemati
Clinical Research Doctor

E-mail: shiva.nemati