Nyt bogkapitel fra CTP

​​Medarbejdere fra CTP har bidraget med et kapital til bogudgivelse fra forlaget Springer.


​Charlotte Sonne og Jessica Carlsson Lohmann har bidraget med et kapitel til bogen "Mental Health of Refugee and Conflict-Affected Populations -Theory, Research and Clinical Practice"  

Find bogen: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-319-97046-2),

Kapitlet, som Jessica og Charlotte står bag, har overskriften:  "Mental Health, Pre-migratory Trauma and Post-migratory Stressors Among Adult Refugees"

Se abstract om kapitlet nedenfor:
The refugee experience is characterised by exposure to multiple traumatic events both in one's country of origin and during displacement. Researchers have found that severity of traumatic events and cumulative trauma are associated with an increased prevalence of mental health problems. Refugees typically also experience numerous post-migratory stressors following arrival in the resettlement country. Accordingly, several studies have found an association between pre-migratory traumatic events, post-migratory stressors and mental health outcomes in refugees. In this chapter, common trauma-related mental health problems among refugees will be presented. The influence of traumatic events and post-migratory stressors on refugee mental health will be discussed. The information provided in the chapter is based on available research as well as the authors' clinical experience at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP) in Denmark.



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