Publicering om kønsforskelle i traumer

​Specialestuderende Sara Mundy har skrevet speciale på CTP om kønsforskelle i traumer, psykopatologi og behandlingsudbytte


​På CTP har specialestuderende Sara Mundy skrevet sit speciale om kønsforskelle i traumer, psykopatologi og behandlingsudbytte. Det er der kommet en spændende artikel ud af. Artiklen er netop blevet publiceret i Psychiatry Research.


De vigtigste fund er refereret nedenfor:

  • Twice as many females reported exposure to family violence (p = .001) and sexual abuse (p = .004)

  • Men were at least three times as likely to report exposure to torture (p <0.001), imprisonment (p < .001), and combat (p < .001).

  • Women reported more depression (p = .001), anxiety (p = .008) and somatization (p = 0.001)

  • Men were diagnosed significantly more with enduring personality change after catastrophic experience (p < .001).

  • Our findings highlight sex differences in trauma exposure and symptomatology in trauma-affected refugees in host countries, that should be considered when developing mental health interventions for this underserved population.



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