​Competence Center for Dual Diagnosis is placed in close proximity to department M, which specializes in integrated treatment of dual diagnosis patients. Above is 'Fjordhus' ('inlet-house') where the inpatient facilities reside. Psychiatric Center Sct. Hans is located by the picturesque Roskilde Fjord.


Staff at Competence Centre for Dual Diagnosis - short descriptions in english

Head of Competence Center for Dual Diagnosis

Katrine Schepelern Johansen, social anthropologist, PhD

Tlf. 3864 2492
Mobile: 3056 6679

Katrine has since 2001 worked with research in psychiatry and addiction treatment from a social and cultural perspective. From this research she has in-depth knowledge about the psychiatric treatment system, dual diagnosis, addiction treatment, forensic psychiatry and transcultural psychiatry.

As an anthropologist Katrine has a special focus on the individual human being in the treatment system and the special challenges that vulnerable and marginalized patients pose in the social system and the health care system.

Katrine is involved in most projects at the centre.

Project leader

Sidsel Busch, anthropologist, ph.d.

Tlf. 3864 2059

Since 2005 Sidsel has done research on recovery, voice hearing, self-help groups and the relation between the psychiatric institutions and the user movement. She works with qualitative methods such as participant observation and interviews, and she is focused on adapting the methods for the task at hand. 


​Jonathan Led Larsen, psychologist, journalist

​Tlf. 3864 2256
Mobil: 2445 1331

Jonathan has worked as a clinical psychologist for 10 years, and is now examining cannabis use in psychosis from a systems theory (enactive) perspective. 

Project manager

Solvej Mårtensson, Social Epidemiologist, MSc Public Health, PhD.

Tlf. (+45)  3864 2241 

Solvejs main area of research is within social determinants of health and health care in Danmark. Solvej primarily use big scale data from national registers or cohort studies. 

Consultant, research coordinator

Signe Wegmann Düring, MD, PhD​​​

Tlf. (+45) ​3864 2241​​

Signe is working in the clinic (department M) as well as with research in the Competence Center for Dual Diagnosis, where she also has tasks in relation to education. She is co-researcher on the REDD-PAC-project.

Last updated: 11.1 2019