Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workshop with Ed Watkins

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Start: 18-09-2017, 8:30
Slut: 21-09-2017, 16:30
Psykiatrisk Center Ballerup
Maglevænget 2
2750 Ballerup
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​Deadline for registration: Tuesday August 15 2017.


Competence Centre for Psychotherapy offers a four-day’s workshop in Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (RFCBT) skills training with Professor, specialist and developer of RFCBT, Ed Watkins.
It is possible to buy additional 20 hours of follow-up supervision by psychologist and Ph.D., Stine Bjerrum Møller, PC Nordsjælland.
The workshop provides an introduction to treatment principles and techniques to help patients cope with rumination, which is related to the release and maintenance of depressive symptoms. There will be detailed instruction in methods and training in role-playing with feedback. Participants gain skills in assessment, formulation, decision-making in therapy and specific techniques, including functional analysis, behavioral activation, experience-based exercises, visualization exercises on compassion and flow experiences, and behavioral experiments.

Prerequisites and literature

It is recommended that participants have a basic knowledge of cognitive behavioral therapy. It is also recommended to buy following book and manual:
  • Watkins, E.R. (2016) Rumination focused cognitive behavioral therapy for depression. Guilford Press.
  • Møller, S.B. et al (2017) Rumination focused cognitive behavioral therapy for depression - manual. København: Hans Reitzels Forlag.
NB! Both are published in Danish in April 2017.


Training: A total of four days (24 hours) intensive training in Rumination-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
Classes are from 9-16 with an hour lunch break (6 hours of lessons per day) at PC Stolpegård, Stolpegårdsvej 20, 2820 Gentofte.
All teaching is in English.


For employees in the Mental Health Services Capital Region of Denmark (RHP): DKK 1200
For others: DKK 1600
Additional 20 hours of supervision: DKK 5000


Professor Ed Watkins, University of Exeter
For supervision Ph.D. Stine Bjerrum Møller, PC Nordsjælland.

Ed Watkins is Professor of Experimental and Applied Clinical Psychology at the University of Exeter and co-founder of the Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter. He has specialist clinical training and expertise in cognitive therapy for depression, with over 20 year’s clinical experience.

His research has been funded by the Wellcome Trust, UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Experimental Medicine Award and a NARSAD Young Investigators Award. In 2004 he was awarded the British Psychological Society's May Davidson Award for outstanding early-career contribution to the development of clinical education.

Stine Bjerrum Møller is authorized psychiatric psychologist and has received over 10 days of training in RFCBT by Ed Watkins, has served as RFCBT-therapist in a randomized study of depression as well as in a case series of treatment-resistant chronic depression. Stine Bjerrum Møller has received numerous hours of video supervision by Ed Watkins.

Target group

The workshop is aimed at psychologists (e.g. psychotherapists, clinical psychologists), psychiatrists and multidisciplinary staff working with patients with psychotherapy.

Required presence 

It is expected that participants attend all four days.


Deadline for registration: Tuesday August 15 2017.
Registration for staff in the Mental Health Services, Capital Region of Denmark via Kursusportalen;

For other enquiries, please contact Competence Centre for Psychotherapy: Christina Aalling: or
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