Relevante konferencer

  • Marts 2016: Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Annual Conference 2016 (Royal College of Psychiatrists). (Glasgow)
  • April 2016: The 12th National Conference Research in Forensic Mental Health Services. (Kings College London)
  • Juni 2016: IAFMHS International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services. (New York) 
  • November 2016: RFN – National Retspsykiatrisk Forskningsdag. (København) 
  • Oktober 2016: 4th Bergen International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry. (Bergen) 
  • Oktober 2016: 5th International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector (Dublin) 
  • August 2017: Nordic Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry. (DK)​ 
  • 2018: Nordic Congress of Psychiatry (NCP). (Island)