About CTP

The Mental Health Services in the
Capital Region of Denmark is the country’s largest mental healthcare workforce with more than 6,000 employees in a number of different centres.

Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP) is a specialised psychiatric unit which serves the Capital Region and is located at Mental Health Centre Ballerup.

Psychiatry is a medical area of specialisation that includes prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and rehabilitation of patients with psychotic and non-psychotic disorders and mental illness combined with substance abuse in adults. The area also includes research, development and training.

At CTP, we focus on diagnosis, treatment, training and research, and, in
accordance with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, our special service in the Capital Region covers:

  1. Diagnosis and assessment of particularly complex transcultural psychiatric patients, including particularly multifaceted psychiatric illness in ethnic minorities, as well as
  2. diagnosis and treatment of particularly complex traumatised refugees.

We are a dynamic team of 35 employees consisting of medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, social workers, nurses, secretaries and academic staff. The team is highly diverse with a broad variety of ethnic backgrounds: Bosnian, Swedish, Argentinian, Philippine, Afghani, Pakistani, Iraqi, Estonian, German, Egyptian, Iranian, Albanian, Spanish and French. This is often beneficial in the encounter with our equally diverse group of patients.

We also have a large number of dedicated students affiliated and some of the Region’s most skilled interpreters with years of experience in healthcare interpreting.

CTP is, relative to our modest size, a highly research active place. We aim to contribute with knowledge on how cultural aspects influence the development of mental disorders and to explore the role of culture in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders. The goal is that this knowledge can be implemented in the clinical work, not only at CTP, but also at other clinics treating the same type of patients. Our primary focus is clinical efficacy research but we also do qualitative- and basic research projects.

We strongly emphasise that all CTP staff is involved in generating research as we work using a particular model, where treatment and research are closely integrated. Data from all courses of treatment are systematically and continuously collected. In this way, our research output, e.g. a doctoral thesis or a scientific article, is based on joint efforts of all employees at CTP. Read more about our research activity.


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