Danish database on Refugees with Trauma (DART)

​DART is a result of the integrated clinical-research practice at Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry. The purpose of the database is to facilitate high quality international research about treatment-seeking traumatised refugees.  


DART currently comprises information from approximately 1,111 patients (PTF1-PTF5), and is continuously growing.

The data are collected in clinical trials and research projects, as well as through routine monitoring. For instance, CTP uses integrated research and clinical records, which facilitate systematic collection of demographic information, pre- and post-migratory factors, routine clinical assessments and data on psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment. 

Furthermore, the database contains rich sources of information about each patient including systematic evaluations from doctors, psychologists​​, social workers, patients’ self-reports, and blinded clinical assessments. 

Depending on the approval of specific projects, data from DART can be matched with the Danish health registries. This allows for comparison of the treatment-seeking traumatised refugees with the general population on a number of health and socio-economic factors, as well as inclusion of appropriate matched controls from the larger Danish population.  

As far as we know, DART is the only database of its kind in the world. Our hope is that it will facilitate important progress in the understanding of the factors influencing the development and maintenance of poor mental health in treatment-seeking traumatised refugees in the west.   


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