From Pioneers to Scientists: Establishing Evidence-Gathering Models in Trauma Mental Health Services for Refugees

​Symposium presented 21 September 2015 at The 31st Nordic Congress of Psychiatry (Copenhagen, Denmark).


Outcome studies on treatment of trauma-affected refugees are few in number and most of the studies that have been published have severe limitations in design and quality. In this symposium we first discuss the challenges in pursuing research aimed at gathering evidence to support the efficacy of treatments in the field. We then present a working model developed at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP); the Treatment and Research Integrated Model (TRIM) that demonstrates the feasibility of integrating outcome research into clinical settings. Consequently a series of randomised clinical studies carried out at CTP following this model will be presented. The studies carried out at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry are unique in size and method within the field of traumatised refugees. Results from three completed randomised studies will be presented. The first study is a four arm RCT comparing pharmacological treatment, manualised psychotherapy and a combination of the two modalities with a waitlist control group. The second study compares two different types of manualised psychotherapy within the framework of cognitive behavioural therapy. The third study compares a Venlafaxine with a Sertraline group and study possible psycho-social predictors for treatment outcome. Finally the plans for future studies needed in the area and the plans for a study on sleep disturbances in severely traumatized refugees will be presented.


The Treatment and Research Integrated Model: TRIM

Trine Nørregaard Hansen, MD

The acceptability and effect of treatment of traumatised refugees with cognitive behavioral therapy (TFCBT) and antidepressants – a randomised controlled clinical trial

Cæcilie Böck Buhmann, MD, PhD

Stress Management versus Cognitive Restructuring: a randomised clinical study on traumatised refugees

Jessica Carlsson, MD, PhD

The treatment of traumatised refugees with Sertraline versus Venlafaxine in combination with psychotherapy –a randomised clinical study

Charlotte Sonne, MD, PhD fellow

Sleep disturbances in traumatised refugees

Hinuga Sandahl, MD

Responsible editor