Treatment and Research Integrated Model (TRIM)

At CTP, the integration of research and treatment of patients is prioritised. This integrated approach, TRIM (Treatment and Research Integrated Model), is a cost-effective type of data collection because it integrates the collection of scientific data into an existing clinical infrastructure and thereby requires only limited additional practitioner time. This creates an opportunity to conduct studies, which are unique in quantity and quality, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, we regard TRIM as the key to carry out high-quality research at low cost and with a high impact for patients and practitioners worldwide.

Not only are we focused on enabling clinical practice to feed into our research projects, we also wish to ensure that research findings are systematically assessed and implemented in the clinical everyday life. Therefore, we have established a TRIM-board consisting of members from all staff groups and clinical disciplines. The TRIM-board meets twice a year and assesses four research projects thoroughly. Based on decisions regarding clinical relevance and value, the TRIM-board recommends implementation actions to the leadership, which either takes immediate action to implement or proceeds with securing resources for the ongoing implementation process. 

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