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The Competence Centre for Transcult​ural Psychiatry (CTP) aims to contribute with new knowledge about how cultural aspects influence the progression of mental disorders, and to explore the role of culture in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders. Our primary f​ocus is clinical efficacy research but we also do qualitative- and basic research projects.

The goal is that this knowledge can be implemented in the clinical work, not only at CTP, but also at other clinics treating the same type of patients. In order to achieve our goal, we work using a particular model where research and clinical practice are intertwined and interact in an ongoing process: the Treatment and Research Integrated Model (TRIM). This model involves systematic and continuous data collection from all treatment programmes. Our goals and strategy towards achieving them are reflected in our research strategy

​In 2023, CTP in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities has been granted a 6-year funding from ​the Danish National Research Foundation to establish the Centre of Excellence Culture and the Mind​. This center is unique in its composition, bringing together researchers from different disciplines, aiming to contribute with new knowledge on how culture and the mind interact. The research group includes historians, linguists, anthropologists from the University of Copenhagen, as well as medical doctors, psychologists, and MScs in Public Health with research experience in psychiatry.​

Due to the nature of our work, research outputs, eg. Doctoral thesis or scientific articles, are usually the result of joint efforts. We have several collaborative parts and an advisory group. We have several collaborative partners and an advisory group

​Our research is led by medical doctor and psychiatric consultant Jessica Carlsson Lohmann. Besides being Head of Research at CTP, Jessica is Associated Professor at the University of Copenhagen. She holds a PhD in treatment outcome of trauma-affected refugees. Her primary research areas are clinical research in trauma-affected refugees and research in transcultural psychiatry. She has years of experience in designing and conducting randomised clinical trials on treatment outcomes and is one of the main contributors to the development of the Treatment and Research Integrated Model (TRIM) at CTP. She has published a large number of scientific papers related to her areas of research and has built up a rapidly growing and dynamic research group at CTP.

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