Research coordination


The key individuals involved in the research is the consultant responsible for maintaining the quality and continuity of research, and the research coordinator who is responsible for coordinating, monitoring and quality assuring the continuous data collection as well as the CTP research database. Their work is based on the research strategy.

Monitoring and entry of research data

Student workers are employed to perform data entry and to ensure that data from the research records are collected adequately and timely.

Blinded anxiety and depression assessments and follow-up interviews

A team of medical students carries out ratings using the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D) and Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A). Colloquially, this team is called the HAM team.

The assessments of patients in randomised trials are carried out at the beginning and end of treatment and at follow-up interviews. There are 6 annual sessions where the HAM team members are trained in the use of ratings and exchange experiences.

Another team of medical students, colloquially called the follow-up team, conducts follow-up interviews. Patients who do not participate in a randomised trial are invited to a follow-up interview 18 months after completion of treatment. For patients participating in a randomised trial, there is a follow-up both 6 and 18 months after the completed treatment. At the interview, a standard form is completed and a clinical assessment of the patient and an assessment of the Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) are conducted. This team also has 6 annual sessions where the members are trained in the use of tools and exchange experiences.

PhD students

There are regularly between 4 and 6 affiliated PhD students working with data generated at CTP, and efforts are continuously made to plan future PhD projects at CTP.

Trainees and students

We have new psychology students undertaking traineeships each semester. Some later choose to write their dissertation within our area. There are also regularly medical students who complete a research year or receive guidance in connection with undergraduate or postgraduate assignments within our field. CTP has a bank of ideas on topics that may be relevant to the work of undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

The advisory group

In order to have an advisory body in relation to the research, we have since 2010 had an advisory group that:

  • contributes to the further development of the research strategy
  • advises on new research projects
  • establishes and develops both national and international research networks
  • recruits new researchers
  • mentors, advises and supervises students and younger researchers
  • further develops a research database

 All the members of the advisory group have experience in transcultural psychiatry and/or in clinical research on psychiatric patients with different ethnic background than Danish. The consultant responsible for the research at CTP chairs the group, which has four annual meetings. All medical doctors, PhD students and CTP staff involved in the PhD research are included in the advisory group. The following individuals are members of this group:


  • Cæcilie Buhmann, MD, PhD (Senior resident at Mental Health Centre Hvidovre)
  • Erik Lykke Mortensen, MSc Psychology (Professor at University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health)
  • Jens Knud Larsen, MD (Medical specialist in Psychiatry)
  • Marie Nørredam, MD, PhD (Associate professor at University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health, Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health (MESU))
  • Stig Bernt Poulsen, MSc Psychology (Associate professor at Institute for Psychology, University of Copenhagen)
  • Søren Bo Andersen, MSc Psychology, PhD (Director, Danish Veteran Centre)
  • Kathrine Schepelern Johansen, Anthropologist, PhD (Director, Competence Center for Dual Diagnosis)


  • Caroline Arnbjerg, MD (PhD Student)
  • Cathrine Selnes Trevino (Research Coordinator, CTP)
  • Charlotte Sonne, MD (Postdoc)
  • Erik Vindbjerg, MSc Psychology, PhD
  • Henriette Laugesen (Research Coordinator at CTP, PhD Student)
  • Hinuga Sandahl, MD
  • Jasmina Ryberg, MD (Consultant)
  • Jessica Carlsson Lohmann, MD, PhD (Consultant, Research Director and chairwoman of the advisory group)
  • Laura Glahder Lindberg, MSc Public Health (Research Coordinator, PhD Student)
  • Maja Bruhn Kristiansen, MD (PhD Student)
  • Maja Sticker Nordbrandt, MD (PhD Student)
  • Matilde Kromann-Larsen (Social Worker)
  • Morten Ekstrøm, MD, PhD (Consultant)
  • Sabina Palic-Kabic, PhD (Psychologist)
  • Signe Lund Skammeritz, MD (PhD Student)
  • Sigurd Wiingaard Uldall, MD, PhD
  • Trine Hansen, MD (Counsultant)


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