​Charlotte Fergo

Clinical assistant​ Charlotte Fergo is working on the project Killing of infants - a forensic psychiatric study 1992-2016, where she, among other things are​ looking at metalobs and forensic material.

Curriculum vitae

2017: MD, Copenhagen University
2007: Sonograph, Holbæk Hospital
2001: M​idwife​, Midwifery education in Aalborg
Work experience
2021-Now: Clinical assistant​, CNDR, PC Glostrup
2020-Now: ​​Specialist training in psychiatry​, PC Ballerup
2019: Clinical Internship​​​, PC Glostrup
2018: Clinical Internship, Psychiatry South​
2017: Clinical Internship, Nykøbing Falster Hospital
2017: Clinical Internship, Department of Organ Surgery​, Nykøbing Falster Hospital
2007: M​idwife and Sonograph​, Gynecological obstetrics department​, Holbæk Hospital
2001: M​idwife, Gynecological obstetrics department, Frederiksberg Hospital
Scientific focus areas
The forensic psychiatric aspects of perpetrators of infanticide (infanticide).
The forensic aspects of infanticide victims.​​​​​
Responsible editor