Christoffer Lundsgaard

Christoffer Lundsgaard works as a Clinical Assistant on the DANSECT project, where he ia. will be responsible for the recruitment, blood sampling and MRI scan of research patients.

Curriculum vitaeIMG_1727 (1).jpg

2018: MD, Copenhagen University

Work experience
2020: Clinical assistent, CNDR, PC Glostrup
2020: Clinical Internship, F-ACT Gl. Kongevej, PC Glostrup
2019: Specialist training in psychiatry, PC Glostrup
2018-2019: Clinical Internship in Valby Clinic
2018: Clinical Internship, Medical Department, Frederiksberg Hospital

Scientific focus areas
The neurobiology of affective disorders.
The electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in the treatment of depression.

Responsible editor