Ida-Marie Arendt

PhD student Ida-Marie Arendt is is currently working on the project DEPRES-ST: ​​A randomized controlled trial of schema therapy for patients with intractable depression in psychiatry.

Curriculum vitae

2020: Authorized​ by Psykolognævnet, Ankestyrelsen
2016: Cand.psych., Copenhagen University

Work experience:
2022-now: PhD scholar, project manager at the DEPRE-ST study, associated with Region Southern Denmark and CNDR/PC Glostrup
2020-21: Clinical psychologist at Clinic for Affective Disorders, Rigshospitalet, Psychiatric Center Copenhagen
2019-2020: Proje​ct manager on the research project PTSD Help, Psychotherapeutic Center Stolpegård
2018: Clinical psychologist in F-ACT team, Frederikssund, Psychiatric Center Nordsjælland
2016-17: Intern candidate in private psychology clinic, Per Bech APS, Copenhagen

Scientific focus areas:
Effect of and mechanisms in psychotherapy
Trauma and relationship to psychopathology
Cognitive processes in psychopathology

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