Courses and lectures

​Several of CNDR employees also participate actively in various events, for example at patient organizations and Folkeuniversitetet. In addition, CNDR also arranges courses in collaboration with other research units and psychiatric centers.

The good memory: Stress and memory
Folkeuniversitetet will give a series of lectures on memory, where one of the lectures will deal with stress and memory, 26.02.2020 from 17.15 to 19.00. It will be PhD student Mette Marie Støttrup from CNDR who will be the speaker that evening.

Memory is an essential prerequisite for our lives and therefore also for our working life. We use memory when we need to remember our work tasks and when we decide what way to do them. We also use the memory to remember what was said at meetings and what the names of our colleagues, clients or clients are. In other words, we use memory all the time.
But what is memory, and can you talk about there are several kinds? How does memory work and what happens to our memory as we get stressed or grow older? Can we improve our memory by exercising, and will it become worse when we do not?

Cortical thickness following ECT in depression

PhD student Krzysztof Gbyl will give a lecture at the Functional Imaging Unit, Glostrup Hospital, 29.01.2020, about the findings he discovered in his PhD project.

You can read more about Krzysztof's PhD project on our website under Research Projects.

​Depression and ECT treatment
Together, author Peter Øvig and professor Poul Videbech make us wiser about depression and electroconvulsive therapy - also known as electroshock.
In the fall of 2017, author Peter Øvig Knudsen suffered a severe depression and was admitted to a closed ward. Seven ECT treatments later, Peter is recovering and his views on both psychiatry and treatment have changed significantly. Depression researcher Poul Videbech introduces us to the many faces of depression and ECT - a treatment that is fraught with both prejudice and myths.

Arranged in collaboration with the Depression Association, and will be held on 12.03.2020 at. 17.00-19.30 at Kosmopol.

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