Courses and lectures

​Several of CNDR employees also participate actively in various events, for example at patient organizations and Folkeuniversitetet. In addition, CNDR also arranges courses in collaboration with other research units and psychiatric centers.

​Medicine, psychotherapy and new therapies against depression
The evening school at Fountain House invites you on 31.10.2018 at. 16.00-18.00 to a debate with Professor Poul Videbech. Where he will debate new treatments for depression: Many people can be helped with antidepressant medicine and certain types of psychotherapy. But about 20-30% do not experiencing benefit of treatments. Therefore, we need to develop new forms of treatments and constantly research in the mechanisms of depression.

​Insight into psychiatry: Depression

Folkeuniversitetet holds a series of lectures on psychiatry, where the first lecture is held on 22.01.2019 at 5.30 pm and at is about depression. It will be PhD student Krzysztof Gbyl from CNDR who i holding the lecture that evening.

Many people comes in contact with the psychiatric treatment system, personally or through relatives and friends. About 300,000 Danes are currently in treatment with 'happiness pills' against depression, and it is estimated that approx. every fifth Dane at some point in life is affected by an anxiety state. Nevertheless, there are still many taboos and myths about mental illness and psychiatric treatment. In recent years, significant progress has been made in understanding the cause of mental disorders, and the possibilities for treatment and prevention have become much better. The lectures go through a number of mental disorders and treatment methods.

CPH:SCIENCE Hunting for Hedonia​

How far should – and would – we go in modulating our emotions and personal characteristics? If pleasure is just the push of a button away, will you want to push it? These are just some of the questions being raised, when CPH:DOX launch this year’s CPH:SCIENCE programme with the World Premiere of ‘Hunting for Hedonia’ by Pernille Rose Grønkjær on March 22 at Bremen Teater.

After the film screening, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, science journalist Lone Frank and Philosopher Klemens Kappel and Professor Poul Videbech will twist and turn questions raised in the film.

‘Hunting for Hedonia’
‘Hunting for Hedonia’ contrasts history and present developments to examine and elucidate where Deep Brain Stimulation is going. Will this promising technology change psychiatry? And will the nifty electrodes move on from correcting abnormal activity in disease to perhaps ‘correcting’ unwanted but in fact normal activity? In other words: how far should – and would – we go in modulating our emotions and personal characteristics? If pleasure is just the push of a button away, will you want to push it?

English for Research Secretaries

CNDR's PA has arranged the above course primarily for research secretaries, which will be held for the first time from 29th to 30th. October 2018 at PC Glostrup,
Research Unit. The course focuses on proofreading of English research articles, PhD. projects etc. Because of the great interest in the course it will be held again on 18th-19th. March 2019.

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