The Capital Region's Psychiatric Research Day 2018

​The Region's Psychiatry has held this year's Research Day, where you could meet different research units and become more aware of what they are working with.

​The entire CNDR participated in the Capital Region’s Psychiatric Research Day 2018, where you could hear different presentations about research within schizophrenia, depression, eating disorder and many more. In addition, several PhD students held a presentation about posters that they had made in connection with their PhD. studies. The whole day was completed with the distribution of different research prizes.

​Professor Poul Videbech participated as chairman of one of the presentation sessions. Where, among other things, was held a presentation on Interaction of genetic variation and stressful life events on the risk of depression investigated in a young, national, Danish case-cohort study by PhD Doctor Nis Suppli from PC Copenhagen.

​PhD student doctor Krzysztof Gbyl participated in the guided posterwalk, where he kept a presentation on his PhD study by his posts Electroconvulsive therapy increases brain volume in depression. The poster won the 1st prize for best poster on the research day.

Program forskningsdag 2018.pdf

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