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Professor Poul Videbech is also co-author of several academic books concerning psychiatric diseases, and the CNDR employees have contributed with their professional knowledge to a theater setup at the Royal Theater.

WHAT IS DEPRESSION? - Become wiser about causes, treatment and prevention
Professor Poul Videbech has written the book WHAT IS DEPRESSION ?, where he gives a thorough overview of the causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention of a mental illness that many come into contact with throughout life. The book is aimed at people suffering from depression and their relatives as well as anyone who wants to understand the disease better.
Professor and chief physician Poul Videbech is one of Denmark's leading psychiatrists and has many years of experience in research into and treatment of depression.
The book can be purchased at various bookstores around the country from 5 November 2020.

ECT Guide 2020
Professor Poul Videbech was responsible for revising the Danish Psychiatric Association's ECT guidelines together with Professor Martin B. Jørgens, chief physician Simon Hjerrid and chief physician Anders Jørgens. The guide includes i.a. the history and theory behind ECT treatment as well as side effects of ECT, the treatment method  and information to patients and relatives about ECT.
DPS ECT vejledning 2020.pdf

National Clinical Guideline for difficulty-to-treat Depression 2020

Professor Poul Videbech has together with a group consisting of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and patient representatives prepared a guide regarding difficult treatable depression. The guide covers the treatment methods: rTMS, ketamine, light therapy, CBASP, psychotherapy targeted rumination as well as cognitive remediation. You can find the National Clinical Guideline for difficult-to-treat depression 2020 on the Danish Health Authority and the Danish Psychiatric Association website and read more about the work with the guideline on CNDR's website under Projects.

NKR for vanskeligt behandlelig depression 2020.pdf

​PSYCHIATRI - A Textbook on Adult Mental Illnesses
Professor Poul Videbech has edited and contributed to the book PSYCHIATRI - A Textbook on Adult Psychiatric Disorders. It is the 6th edition of the book, that is written for medical students and others, educating in health and social studies, where the knowledge of mental illnesses is necessary. The book provides a systematic introduction to the various diseases and treatment options. In addition, the book reflects the diagnostic and treatment practices that currently characterize medical and psychological treatment of mental illnesses in psychiatric specialist practice, general practice, in psychiatric hospitals and in social psychiatric institutions.
The book can be purchased at various bookstores around the country.

​Clinical Neuropsychiatry - from molecule to disease
Professor Poul Videbech, together with the clinic manager at the Psychiatric Center Amager Raben Rosenberg, has edited and contribueted to the book Clinical Neuropsychiatry - from molecule to disease. It is the 3rd edition, where three brand new chapters are written to the book. The book is written for both medical students, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and other psychiatric professionals. It provides a systematic and comprehensive review of mental disorders and their causal relationships, diagnosis and treatment based on the latest research. Neuropsychiatry is an interdisciplinary discipline that seeks to understand mental disorders from the molecular to the psychological level by combining results from the modern brain scientists intensive research in the brain and its functions with classical clinical psychiatry. The topic covers both the adult, the children and adolescent psychiatric specialization.
The book can be purchased at various bookstores around the country.

Psychotherapeutic approach to PTSD - Symptoms, examination and treatment
Professor Poul Videbech has co-authored the book Psychotherapeutic approach to PTSD - Symptoms, Study and Treatment. The book addresses all practitioners that works with PTSD, and it provides a solid and clinically relevant introduction to the subject. There is an ever-growing pallet of treatment options for PTSD, and it may be difficult to know what the difference is between the different methods, and which one you should choose based on the nature of the trauma and evidence of the effect of treatment. In the chapters of the book, the predominant psychotherapeutic approaches are presented. cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR. In addition, the book also covers topics such as investigation, medical treatment and less-established treatment methods such as mindfulness, yoga and internet-based treatment.
The book can be purchased at various bookstores around the country.

The human burden
Instructor Thomas Corneliussen is in the process of making a research and dissemination theater setup at the Royal Theater about depression. In the show, the inner being of the depression is reversed, and with a blend of personal stories and new knowledge, the play takes the temperature of a society that produces new depression diagnoses at an awful pace.
The performance is a co-production with Stages of Science in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Depression Association, AskovFonden and others, and supported by the State Art Foundation and the Lundbeck Foundation.
Professor Poul Videbech has among other things contributed with his professional knowledge of depression to the performance.

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