​CNDR regularly participates in various national and international congresses both at home and abroad in relation to research in the psychiatric and neuroscientific field.

CNDR participates in the 19th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry in Lisbon from 21-24 August 2019:
The WPA is psychiatry’s global association representing 140 psychiatric societies in 120 countries and supporting more than 250,000 psychiatrists.
With its 70 Scientific Sections, it promotes collaborative work in specialist areas of psychiatry. It has developed ethical guidelines for psychiatric practice, including the Madrid Declaration, and position statements on topics relevant to psychiatric practice and the role of psychiatrists.  The WPA partners with its members to host the annual WPA World Congress of Psychiatry as well as regional and thematic congresses, attracting global leaders in mental health and providing forums for shared learning and collaboration.

19th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry:
At the Lisbon Congress, participants will be updated on the latest research, experience lectures by the best experts in all fields of psychiatry and network with other professionals working in the psychiatric field.

Read more about the Congress and the WPA on their website:

At the congress, PhD student Krzysztof Gbyl and research assistant Didde Bjørnshauge each attended with a poster:

WPA e-poster_KG
WPA e-poster_Didde

CNDR participates in the 32nd ECNP Congress in Copenhagen from 07-10. September 2019:
ECNP is an independent scientific association dedicated to the science and treatment of disorders of the brain.
It is the largest non-institutional supporter of applied and translational neuroscience research and education in Europe.

32nd ECNP Congress:
The 32nd ECNP Congress will take place from 7-10 September 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The ECNP Congress that occurs annually is Europe’s largest meeting on applied and translational neuroscience. 
Held in autumn every year, the Congress brings together a vibrant group of psychiatrists, neuroscientists, neurologists and psychologists from around the world to discuss the latest developments in the science and treatment of brain disorders.
With around 6000 participants, the ECNP congress is Europe’s premier showcase for new research, treatments and technologies in applied brain science. Spanning the spectrum of human mood, behaviour, cognition and emotion, the congress covers most brain-related aspects from basic science to clinical care.

Read more about the Congress and the ENCP on their website:

At the congress, PhD student Krzysztof Gbyl participated in both Poster Jam as well as in the Poster presentations on September 8, where he presented his preliminary results in the ECT/MRI project: Electroconvulsive therapy increases cortical thickness in depression:

ECNP e-poster_KG

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