​CNDR's researchers also participate in various radio programs, among other things, a PhD student and professor Poul Videbech have participated in podcasts on Radio24syv.


Comedian Sebastian Dorset has created a podcast series about depression in collaboration with the Depression Association: Depression with Dorset. Our PhD student Mette Marie Støttrup has participated in Section 7: Chilie con Carne and games (Chilie con Carne og spil), where she talks about cognitive disruption and the re-training of cognition. Professor Poul Videbech has participated in Section 5: Smile and Be Happy (Smil og vær glad), where he talks about what influence positive methods can have on the brain:

05. August 2019: Afsnit 7: Chili con carne og spil

05. August 2019: Afsnit 5: Smil og vær glad

Afsnit 5: Smil og vær glad

The project mentioned by Mette Marie is currently on stand-by. The project aims to evaluate a new app’s potential as a new treatment for cognitive rehabilitation for patients in remission from depression. The app, however, is available in both Danish and English in App Store.

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