​CNDR's researchers also participate in various radio programs, among other things, a former PhD student and professor Poul Videbech have participated in podcasts on Radio24syv.


Comedian Sebastian Dorset has created a podcast series about depression in collaboration with the Depression Association: Depression with Dorset. Our former PhD student Mette Marie Støttrup has participated in Section 7: Chilie con Carne and games (Chilie con Carne og spil), where she talks about cognitive disruption and the re-training of cognition. Professor Poul Videbech has participated in Section 5: Smile and Be Happy (Smil og vær glad), where he talks about what influence positive methods can have on the brain:

05. August 2019: Afsnit 7: Chili con carne og spil

05. August 2019: Afsnit 5: Smil og vær glad

Afsnit 5: Smil og vær glad

The project mentioned by Mette Marie is currently on stand-by. The project aims to evaluate a new app’s potential as a new treatment for cognitive rehabilitation for patients in remission from depression. The app, however, is available in both Danish and English in App Store.

The Paths of Science (Videnskabens veje)

The Capital Region of Psychiatry has made a podcast series The Paths of Science (Videnskabens veje), and one them is about the treatment with ECT, where our PhD student Krzysztof Gbyl talks about his research project. It is about how the brain behaves when it is subjected to ECT treatment, what parts of the brain are affected and how it can be related to the antidepressant effect. The hope is that over time you can predict which patients benefit from the treatment and who is most at risk for side effects.

04. September 2019: PhD studerende Krzysztof Gbyl: Behandling med elektrochok (ECT)

P1: Brinkmanns briks

At P1, the podcast series Brinkmann's briks is broadcast, where professor of psychology Svend Brinkmann, together with the country's foremost psychologists and experts in behavior, investigate why we humans act the way we do. On the couch are not patients, but trends in society, the mind and human life. Professor Poul Videbech, together with the well-known Danish author Peter Øvig Knudsen, participated in one of the sections in the podcast series, which deals with depression. Peter Øvig himself has been diagnosed with depression and has received ECT treatment.


On radio NOVA, the podcast series AFTENKLUBBEN is broadcast, where you get current news under loving and entertaining treatment. Professor Poul Videbech has participated in one of the sections based on his article in Ugeskrift for Læger about the COVID-19 outbreak, where he, among other things, believes that one should expect to see a flare-up in neuropsychiatric diseases such as anxiety and depression in both healthcare professionals and cognitive injuries in patients. Daniel Cesar talks to him about what we know about the virus' impact on the brain.

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