"Healthy Brain" - training of cognitive disorders after depression

​The project is a collaboration with Brain +, which has developed a specially designed smartphone and tablet application that enables training of the cognitive abilities of people with depression in an intelligent, user-friendly and efficient manner. The project's purpose is a scientific evaluation of the potential of this application.

The Danish company Brain + has developed a custom designed and user-friendly application for tablets and smartphones aimed at rehabilitating reduced cognitive abilities among people who have previously had one or more depressions. A relatively large proportion of previously depressed people experience persistently reduced cognitive function levels, a phenomenon that is not particularly well- elaborated - or rectified. This could be reduced concentration, memory or overview.

Purpose: The purpose of the project is to scientifically evaluate the potential of this application as a new clinical tool.

Method: Nearly 200 participants, including a healthy control group, aged 18 to 65, will be recruited for the project, that is scheduled to commence in February 2019. Participation in the project extends over approximately 15 weeks, of which 12 of the weeks will consist of 24 minutes daily exercise five days a week in your own home on a tablet or smartphone. Participation in the project therefore requires access to the internet and a smartphone or tablet.
During the project, participants are invited three times to the Center for Neuropsychiatric Depression Research. Initially, in order to be assessed on the suitability as a participant in the project, and later in order to be neuropsychologically investigated before and after 12 weeks of training. We recruit troughout Denmark.

If you are interested in participating as either healthy subject or as a previous depressive, you can read more about the project on  the projects website.the projects website

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Foundations that supports the  project:    

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