​National Clinical Guideline (NCG) on difficult treatable depression

​The mental health service in the Capital Region of Denmark and the Danish Psychiatric Society have been granted money from the National Board of Health for the preparation of an NCG regarding. difficult treatable depression.

​It is a clinical experience that patients with difficult treatable depression rarely receive systematized evidence-based treatment. This means that some depressions will become chronic, and despite treatment about 60% will have residual symptoms, eg in the form of cognitive disorders, including ruminations, severe fatigue and apathy. In addition to causing a disability that can complicate the rehabilitation, such residual symptoms are safe predictors of relapse of the depression upon cessation of the treatment. The applicants for this NCG expect that an NCG on this topic can raise the standard for depression treatment in Denmark and will be of great importance for many people.

Purpose: The purpose of the guideline is to gather knowledge about which treatments there have empirical evidence of their effect on a complex and difficult area, where patients are in considerable and prolonged suffering due to inadequate treatment response to depressive symptoms. We need to know how resources should be used and distributed to create value for the patient.

Delimitation: The group of depressed patients who have tried at least 2 types of antidepressants from different classes for a sufficient length of time and at a sufficiently high dose. Depression is defined in the guideline as disorders within the F30 area of​​the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

The NCG is aimed at the following groups: Psychiatrists, psychologists, practitioners and decision makers.

User involvement: A representative of the Depression Society is invited to participate in the work on preparing the guideline. In addition, the draft of the completed guideline will be sent in consultation with the associations SIND, the Depression Society, the Psychiatric Fund, Better Psychiatry and the National Association of current and former psychiatric users.

The preparation of the NCG: The preparation of the guideline will take place over one year with start-up in March 2019 and is expected to be completed in March 2020. There will be a steering committee and a working group that will handle the preparation:

The Steering Committee:
Chairman: Professor Poul Videbech
Project manager: Research leader/specialist psychologist Stine Bjerrum Møller
Technical consultant: Specialist/PhD. Krzysztof Gbyl
Method consultant: Senior researcher Carsten Hjorthøj
Search specialist: Librarian Karen R. Sigaard
Secretary: PA/Research Secretary Line Fønss

Working group:
2 representatives of the Danish Psychiatric Society
2 representatives of the Danish Psychologist Association
1 representative of the Danish College of General Practitioners
1 representative of DASYS, DSR
1 representative of the Depression Society
1 representative per region: North Jutland, Southern Denmark, Central Jutland, Zealand and the Capital.

In addition, the working group consists of all the steering committee members and a few individual specially appointed members. The working group counts a total of 20 members.

Foundations that supports the  project:  

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