​​Precision Brain-Circuit Therapy (Precision-BCT)

​CNDR is a partner in a research project at Hvidorvre Hospital, where the goal is to develop and commercialize a personalized brain stimulation (Precision-BCT) to restore brain functions in treatment-resistant depression. 
The project is funded by the Innovation Fund.

Supervisor: Professor, MD Poul Videbech

​We address the unmet need for personalized treatment in major depressive disorder. Leveraging world-leading Danish industrial and academic expertise on non-invasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging, we will bring a new non-invasive stimulation therapy that accurately and selectively targets the individual dysfunctional brain circuits to the market. Our personalized precision brain-circuit therapy (Precision-BCT) integrates novel brain stimulation and imaging technology in an efficient clinical workflow to provide personalized depression treatment grounded in the underlying circuit- dysfunction. Showcasing Precision-BCT in depression will prompt its application in other major brain diseases.

Purpose​: Our overall aim is to develop and commercialize a stimulation-based, personalized precision-brain-circuit therapy to be used in major depressive disorder (MDD).
  • We will develop novel Precision-BCT technologies for coordinated transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of multiple brain areas.
  • We will integrate these technologies in a feasible clinical workflow built around a new multi-site TMS device that can deliver highly flexible and precise electromagnetic stimulation patterns to the target brain circuit.
  • ​We will test clinical feasibility and effectiveness in terms of better target engagement and modification of the dysfunctional brain circuits compared to standard one-size-fits all TMS therapy.
  • We will introduce Precision-BCT to the market.
20-30 treatment-refractory depressed patients will participate in the part of the project dealing with Precison-BCT for the depressed.

​​Foundations that supports the  project:   ​

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