Sleep quality and effects of ball blankets on insomnia due to depression in ambulant psychiatry

​The purpose of this PhD project (PhD in Business) is to study if a Protac Ball BlanketTM (PBB) is helpful as an innovative non-pharmacological alternative to the medical treatment of insomnia among patients with depression in out-patient psychiatry.

​In collaboration with the Psychiatric Hospital, Skejby and Odense University Hospital starts a PhD project in 2019: “The efficacy and appropriateness of ball blankets on insomnia in depression in outpatient clinics”. 

Method: It is a randomized cross-over study of depressed patients where we want to measure any effect of a ball blanket on a number of sleep parameters and the patient's subjective experience of sleep quality. In addition, a qualitative study of the use of this blanket will be carried out.

​​Foundations that supports the  project: 

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