​Metabolic and transcriptomic profiling of women with postpartum depression

​The PhD project is carried out in collaboration with Statens Serum Institut and examines genetic, hormonal and metabolic markers of the development of postpartum Depression.

​In collaboration with the National Serum Institute, the PhD project "Omics Profiling of Women with Postpartum Depression" is performed. The project, which has just begun to recruit patients, involves identifying biomarkers using metabolic profiling, metabolomics, in a large number of women with postpartum Depression compared to women, who have born, but have not developed postpartum Depression. The biomarkers found are then tested in the national birth cohort, where blood samples from approx. 100,000 women have been collected during their pregnancy and stored in a biobank.

Purpose: To test whether you can find biomarkers already during pregnancy, which can predict later development of postpartum Depression. This will be of great importance because a large proportion of women with postpartum Depression are not identified and are not getting any help. The prevention perspective is thus very large.

​​Foundations that supports the  project:

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