Upcoming projects

​We are currently working on starting several new research projects. 

Precision Brain-Circuit Therapy (Precision-BCT):

CNDR is to be a partner in a research project at Hvidorvre Hospital, where the goal is to develop and commercialize a stimulation-based, personalized precision brain circuit (Precision-BCT) therapy for major depression.
The project is funded by the Innovation Fund.

Supervisor: Poul Videbech

​BrainDrugs - Neuropharmacological treatment: Precision medicine in epilepsy and depression:

CNDR will collaborate with Professor Gitte Moos Knudsen, Institute Neurobiology Research Unit Department Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet, regarding a research project aimed at ensuring that patients with epilepsy or depression receive a treatment that is better tailored to their needs. The project is funded by the Lundbeck Foundation.

Supervisor: Poul Videbech

In addition, it is expected that the CNDR and the Psychiatric Center Glostrup will participate in the following projects:
Psychiatric Center Glostrup is expected to participate in the nationwide multicentre project: “Transcranial low voltage pulsed electromagnetic fields (T-PEMF) for treatment resistant bipolar depression: a randomized, sham-controlled, multicenter study (the 9th study from the Danish University Antidepressant Group, DUAG -9) ". The program is a collaboration between psychiatric departments in the university cities and directed by from Aalborg University Hospital.
In addition, Psychiatric Center Glostrup is expected to participate in the multinational multicentre project: "Esketamine nasal spray in Treatment Resistant Depression: a phase IIIb study". Professor Poul Videbech is expected to lead the project at the Psychiatric Center Glostrup.

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