Upcoming projects

​We are currently working on starting several new research projects. 

​Killing of infants - a forensic psychiatric examination 1992-2016

The Center for Neuropsychiatric Depression Research will try to obtain permits and funds for a PhD project on the subject: "Killing of infants - a forensic psychiatric examination 1992-2016", which is made in collaboration with the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Skejby hospital. Initially, we will review the mental statements as well as the judicial council's statements for the perpetrators who have killed their child during the first year of its life. The purpose is to describe mental illness and other factors that contribute to the murder being committed in order to prevent new killings. It is the plan to make a follow-up in Danish registers in order to description the treatment, prognosis and later renewed crime.
Supervisor: Poul Videbech

In addition, it is expected that the CNDR and the Psychiatric Center Glostrup will participate in the following projects:
Psychiatric Center Glostrup is expected to participate in the nationwide multicentre project: “Transcranial low voltage pulsed electromagnetic fields (T-PEMF) for treatment resistant bipolar depression: a randomized, sham-controlled, multicenter study (the 9th study from the Danish University Antidepressant Group, DUAG -9) ". The program is a collaboration between psychiatric departments in the university cities and directed by from Aalborg University Hospital.
In addition, Psychiatric Center Glostrup is expected to participate in the multinational multicentre project: "Esketamine nasal spray in Treatment Resistant Depression: a phase IIIb study". Professor Poul Videbech is expected to lead the project at the Psychiatric Center Glostrup.
CNDR shall cooperate  Professor Gitte Moos Knudsen, Institute Neurobiology Research Unit Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet on a project concerning
"BrainDrugs - Neuropharmacological treatment: Precision medicine in epilepsy and depression". 

In addition, CNDR will be a partner in a research project at Hvidorvre Hospital regarding "Precision Brain-Circuit Therapy (Precision-BCT)". The project is funded by the Innovationsfonden.

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