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Program for Suicide Prevention Research

​The main aim of the Program is to conduct research evaluating suicide preventive initiatives, such as treatment for people at risk of suicide and restriction of access to means of suicide. We survey trends in suicidal behaviour in Denmark and develop teaching material for the suicide preventive clinics.

The Program is also working to mobilise political interests for the development of a national strategy for suicide prevention in Denmark.

Current research projects include:

  • Impacts of pack size restriction of over-the-counter weak analgesics on suicide attempts and suicide in Denmark.

  • Psychosocial therapy provided to persons at risk of suicide in the Danish Suicide Prevention Clinics.

  • Register-based studies of risk predictors for suicidal behaviour among patients in psychiatric, emergency departments and ambulant care.

  • Self-help Online against Suicidal Thoughts (SOS) Trial: online therapy for people at risk of suicide.

  • MINPLAN – en app-based safety plan​