Annette Erlangsen, PhD

Associate Professor, Head of program

Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention - DRISP
Mental Health Center Copenhagen
Kildegaardsvej 28, Opg. 15, 4. sal
DK-2900 Hellerup



Research interests

I have been dedicated to research on suicide prevention since 1999. My main research focus has ​been population-based studies using register data in collaboration with international researcher. Lately, we have initiated several interventions focused on suicide prevention. In these, we examine how people at risk may be supported and if the support helps. My research interest furthermore cover: effectiveness of psychosocial therapy, means restriction, suicidal behaviour in older adults, bereaved by suicide, and affected by suicide attempt.


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Erlangsen A, Lind BD, Stuart EA, Qin P, Stenager E, Larsen KJ, Wang AG, Hvid M, Nielsen AC, Pedersen CM, Winsløv JH, Langhoff C, Mühlmann C, Nordentoft M. (2015)
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Larsen JLS, Frandsen H, Erlangsen A. (2015) 
MYPLAN - A mobile phone application for supporting people at risk of suicide. Crisis. DOI: 10.1027/0227-5910/a000371

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