About us

​The overall scientific objective of the Copenhagen Affective Disorder research Center is to study genetic and environmental risk factors for the onset of affective disorders, the psychopathology, behavior, cognition and biology of affective disorders, the course and long-term outcome of affective disorders and the effect of treatments on affective disorders.

​The Copenhagen Affective Disorder research Center (CADIC) consists of

  • Chair: Lars Vedel Kessing, full professor, MD, DMSc.
  • Secretary to professor: Helen Gerdrup Nielsen
  • Kamilla Miskowiak, full professor, psychologist, DMSc, DPhil (leader of the NEAD group)
  • Secretary to professor:  Tanja Brundbjerg
  • Martin Balslev Jørgensen, professor, MD, DMSc (leader of the Depression biology group)
  • Secretary to professor:  Allan Hansen
  • Maj Vinberg, professor, MD, PhD, DMSc (leader of the Affective unit, Psychiatric Center Nordsjælland)
  • Klaus Martiny, professor, MD, PhD, DMSc
  • Senior researchers: MD, DMSc Maria Faurholt-Jepsen, MD, PhD Anders Jørgensen, MD, MD, PhD Vibe Frøkjær, PhD Ulla Knorr, MD, PhD Jens Bukh, PhD Julian Macoveanu, senior consultant Ida Hageman, senior consultant Henrik Dam
  • Post doc researchers:  MD, Phd Klara Coello, MSc psychology, Psychologist, PhD Hanne Lie Kjærstad, MD, PhD Katrine Maigaard, MD, PhD Sharleny Stanislaus, MD, PhD Morten Lindbjerg Tønning, MD, MSc psychology, Psychologist, PhD Anne Juul Bjertrup, Psychologist, PhD Jeff Zarp Petersen
  • Ph.D. students: MD Caroline Fussing, MD Helle Krogh, psychologist Andreas Elleby Jespersen
  • Research assistants: Anne Præstegaard, lab assistant, Signe Dunker Svendsen, MHS, Carlo Volf, MAA, PhD, Philip Løventoft M.Sc., Lasse Nørregaard M.Sc., study nurse Katrine Cramer.

​​​The Copenhagen Affective disorder clinic has a staff of 17 full time clinicians who are trained and skilled in clinical research (medical doctors, clinical psychologists, nurses and social advisor). Executive chair: senior consultant Line Hansen. Senior nurse: Birgitte Vejstrup. External chair, responsible for research and development: Professor Lars Vedel Kessing. The Clinic treats more than 400 patients with affective disorders each year including patients recently diagnosed with a single manic episode or bipolar disorder as well as pregnant women.


Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, department O, has for decades been internationally well known within clinical, educational and research-based activities in affective disorders (depressive and bipolar disorders).

Research has for decades been translational in nature combining basic research in animal models conducted at the Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry with clinical studies on humans at the department.

The Copenhagen Affective Disorder research Center (CADIC) was established in 2000 (entitled the Affective disorder research unit) and has a close collaboration with the Copenhagen Affective disorder clinic. ​