The BIDISEX Project

BD is a severe psychiatric disorder leading to both cognitive and functional impairment with a substantial impact on social and working life. BD often has its onset in late adolescence and early adulthood, coinciding with the development of sexual identity. Healthy sexual development is important for gaining autonomy in one's sexual decision-making and healthy sexual relations, which contributes to enhancing the quality of life. Individuals with mental health disorders have a higher risk of sexual problems impacting intimate relations and quality of life.  For individuals with BD the mood shifts might to a particular degree affect their sexual function with possible hypersexual interest during manic episodes and with low sexual interest during depressive episodes.

In the BIDISEX project we want to explore the impact of BD one peoples sexual life. The focus is on sexual problems related to mood changes and the effect on the relationship, quality of life, and how to cope with BD and intimacy. The project consists of two studies 1) A cross-sectional case-control study where 140 individuals with BD will be compared to a national representative group 2) A 6-month prospective follow-up study of the 140 individuals with BD, recruited in study 1, with three observation times. The outcomes are different sexual parameters measured with questionnaires, which is golden standard in sexological research. 

For further information, please contact: Helle Brandborg Krogh
Mail: helle.brandborg.krogh@regionh.dk​