The RADMIS: Project Reducing the rate and duration of re-admission among patients with unipolar and bipolar disorder using

Together unipolar and bipolar disorders account for nearly half of all morbidity and mortality due to mental and substance use disorders and burdens society with the highest health care costs of all psychiatric and neurological disorders. Although psychiatric treatment internationally and in Denmark has shifted more from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment during recent decades, costs to psychiatric hospitalization is still a major burden and in Denmark comprises two third parts of all direct costs in the five Regions.

The objectives of the RADMIS project are to

  1. Research, design, and develop an intelligent smartphone-based monitoring and treatment platform for affective disorders.
  2. Provide clinical evidence from two randomized controlled trials for reduction of the number and duration of hospital re-admissions of patients with unipolar and bipolar disorder using smartphone-based treatment;
  3. Provide clinical evidence for improving depression and other outcomes for patients with unipolar and bipolar depression receiving smartphone-based CBT.