Complex Health Interventions

Complex interventions are widely used in the health service, in public health practice, and in areas of social policy. Complex interventions are usually described as interventions that contain several interacting components. We aim to develop complex interventions containing IT, Mobile Apps, Artificial Intelligence, health implementations and collaboration between healthcare sectors. 

Upcoming project

  • Recovery-by-eHealth: A complex intervention aiding recovery in patients with depression discharged from psychiatric outpatient clinics - a 12 months randomized controlled clinical trial

Recovery-by-eHealth aims to investigate whether a complex intervention using a Mobile App and a trans-sectoral collaboration scheme between psychiatric outpatient clinics, General Practitioners, Private Practicing Psychiatrists and Centre for Social Medicine can improve the recovery-process and thereby prevent relapse of depression and readmissions in patients trans-sectoral transition from secondary health care to primary health care.
Preparations started in August 2020

The Danish Data Protection Agency (P-2020-1096), and the Regional Ethics Committee (H-20076894) has approved the Recovery-by-eHealth study. It is registered on (NCT04675684).
We are currently apply funding for the project.

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