Team and collaborators

​NID-Group is led by Klaus Martiny, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

The team consists of the following researchers

​Klaus Martiny, MD, DMSc, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychiatry 

Klaus Martiny is section leader for Chronoterepeutics and Neurostimulation at NID-Group.

Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Klaus Martiny 2021.pdf

Klaus Martiny has been leading reserach groups since 2004, and currently he is head of the NID-Group. Klaus has been doing research in depression for 20 years mainly with focus in development and testing of new treatment methods, and since 2004 with electronical self-monitoring systems. Klaus has been conducting several large RCT projects, and has been head of Intensive Affective Outpatient Clinic at Rigshospitalet since 2010, and has attended several strategic management courses.    

Read about Klaus Martiny and his research here (in danish)

​Carlo Volf, Architect MAA, Ph.D., Senior Researcher 

Carlo Volf is section leader for Built Enviroment at NID-Group.

Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Carlo Volf.pdf

Carlo Volf is working with architectural planning, focusing on daylight, lighting, ventilation and the different health aspects of the indoor environment and the indoor environmental quality at hospitals. At NID-Group he works as a senior researcher testing and developing new ideas and scenarios, working interdisciplinary with e.g. Technical University of Denmark and Danish Building Research Institute. Carlo is also a founding member of the Daylight Academy.

​Anne Sofie Aggestrup, M.Sc., PhD student

Anne Sofie Aggestrup is section leader for Complex Health Interventions at NID-Group.

Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Anne Sofie Aggestrup.pdf

Anne Sofie Aggestrup is interested in both mental health and physical health, and disease prevention. Anne Sofie is emplyed as a PhD student in the NID-Group. She has been the primary investigator within screening, recruiting and diagnose patients, collecting data of two Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials, and two finalized studies.

​Philip Løventoft M.Sc.

​Lasse Nørregaard M.Sc.

​​Helle Østergaard Madsen, MD, Ph.D.

​Eskild Soldal Eriksen, MD, Junior Researcher

Short Curriculum Vitae (CV) for Eskild Soldal Eriksen.pdf

Eskild Soldal Eriksen medical interests lies within the mind and the central nervous system. Eskild has previously conducted research on musical training effects on brain plasticity. At NID-Group he works as a junior researcher as a part of the Seasonment project.


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