About us

New Interventions in Depression (NID) group uses a multidisciplinary approach to develop new, primarily non-pharmacological, treatment methods for depressive disorders. 

Klaus Martiny is founder and head of the NID-group, whose primary aim is to develop and test new interventions and treatments for depression. The NID group works within the areas of chronotherapeutics (light, sleep and zeitgebers), neurostimulation (t-VNS and T-PEMF), and environmental factors in the Built environment.


  • Klaus Martiny, PhD, DMSc Clinical Associate Research Professor; 
  • Carlo Volf, MAA, PhD; (section leader for Built environment)
  • Anne Sofie Aggestrup, MHS; 
  • Anne Præstegaard, research coordinator
  • Philip Løventoft M.Sc.; 
  • Lasse Nørregaard M.Sc.; 
  • Kristin Evensen MSc student.


  • Paul Michael Petersen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering Carsten Dam-Hansen, Senior Scientist, Diode Lasers and LED Systems, Department of Photonics Engineering
  • Claus Puggaard, Sales Director, Chromaviso ApS 
  • Torben Hansen, Innovation manager, Chromaviso ApS
  • Janus Engstrøm B.SC Computer Science, Data Manager, Software Developer, Copenhagen Trial Unit
  • Ema Erkocevic Petersen, M.Sc Biomedical Engineering and Informatics Data Manager - Copenhagen Trial Unit
  • Janus Jakobsen, MD, Ph.D., Senior Consultant – Copenhagen Trial Unit 
  • Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut – Sbi

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