About us

​The New Interventions in Depression (NID) Group uses a multidisciplinary approach to develop new, primarily non-pharmacological, treatment methods for depressive disorders. 

Klaus Martiny is founder and head of the NID Group, whose primary aim is to develop and test new interventions and treatments for depression. The NID Group works within the areas of chronotherapeutics (light, sleep and zeitgebers), neurostimulation (t-VNS, NADA and T-PEMF) and environmental factors in the Built Environment.

NID Group:

  • Klaus Martiny, DMSc, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychiatry  
    (Read about Klaus and his research her (in danish only)
  • Carlo Volf, MAA, Ph.D. (section leader for Built Environment)
  • Anne Sofie Aggestrup, Research Coordinator, M.Sc. 
  • Philip Løventoft M.Sc.
  • Lasse Nørregaard M.Sc.
  • Helle Østergaard Madsen, cand.med., Ph.D.-student


  • Paul Michael Petersen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering Carsten Dam-Hansen, Senior Scientist, Diode Lasers and LED Systems, Department of Photonics Engineering
  • Claus Puggaard, Sales Director, Chromaviso ApS 
  • Torben Hansen, Innovation manager, Chromaviso ApS
  • Janus Engstrøm, B.SC Computer Science, Data Manager, Software Developer - Copenhagen Trial Unit
  • Ema Erkocevic Petersen, M.Sc Biomedical Engineering and Informatics Data Manager - Copenhagen Trial Unit
  • Janus Jakobsen, MD, Ph.D., Senior Consultant – Copenhagen Trial Unit 
  • Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut – Sbi

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