The great indoor life: Sustainable build innovation challenge 2019

How do we create ‘The Great Indoor Life’ in existing and future buildings? This is the main question of the 2019 SUSTAINABLE BUILD Challenge. The majority of our daily lives are spent inside buildings studying, playing, working, eating and sleeping. This calls for new approaches to how we build, create, and renovate our homes, schools, and offices, and we need your help to make that happen.


For many years, we have focused on creating low energy buildings, increasing the usage of healthy materials and integrating circular economy principles. In our search for effective solutions we have lost sight of the people who are going to live in and occupy these buildings. In addition, system challenges, a long value chain in construction, restrictive legislation and lack of financial incentives, have created barriers to holistic solutions, which is why this year’s challenge focuses on holistic solutions that improve the lives of the occupants in the buildings.

We need to reconnect with the needs and behaviours of users – creating sustainable lives – in our existing and future buildings. A better life indoors is one where the indoor environment supports better learning in schools, better concentration at work, and better life quality at home. A good life indoors is one where we experience buildings and spaces that are adapted to us, rather than vice versa.

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