Enrolled PhD Students

In the Research Unit - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre we have several ongoing PhD Students working on various research projects.

​PhD Student

​PhD project title

​Anna Hester Ver Loren van Themaat, 
​Via 11 Brainmap: Attention and cognitive control in children at risk for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
​​Anne Dorothee Müller,

​Camilla Funch Staugaard (Maternity leave), ​
​Treatment Effects of Cognitive Therapy in Adolescents with OCD (TECTO trial) – Neurocognitive mediators of effectiveness
​Dea Gowers Klauber,
Cand. Scient. Soc.
​Børn og unge med psykose: Livskvalitet og oplevelse af stigmatisering (Danish title)
​​Ditte Rudå, MD
​Computerised quantification of motions in patients with psychiatric disorders. A spin-off project from the TEA trial
​Ida Christine Tholstrup Gjøde,

​Julie Hagstrøm (Maternity leave), ​
​​Emotionsregulering hos børn med Tourette syndrom (Danish title)
​​Katrine Maigaard, ​MD
​Motivation and its Impact on Self-Regulatory Control in Children with Tourette syndrome
​​Katrine Søborg Spang, ​MD
​Concurrent validity of parent proxy-questionnaires on measures of self-regulatory control: A comparison of questionnaire derived information with other measures of self-regulatory control and psychopathology
​​Kristine Kaalund-Brok, ​MD
​The relationship between CES1 genotype and methylphenidate response in children with ADHD,  INDICES WP6
​​Line Korsgaard Johnsen, 
​VIA11 Brainmap-tognitive control in children at high risk for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
​Martin Køster Rimvall, MD
​Psychotic Experiences in Adolescence: Mapping the Role of Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Affective Symptoms, Stress, and Negative Life-Events
​Nicoline Hemager
​Neurocognitive profiles in 7-year-old offspring of parents with schizophrenia or with bipolar disorder
Rasmus Trap Wolf,
​The economics of emotional and behavioral difficulties in children and adolescents 
​Tine Pedersen (Maternity leave), ​
​Præstationsovervågning og perfektionistiske træk hos unge med nuværende og unge med tidligere anoreksi (Danish title)
​​Valdemar Hennesser Borgen Uhre, ​
Psychologist​Treatment Effects of Cognitive Therapy in Adolescents with OCD (TECTO trial) – Neural and neurocognitive mediators of effectiveness
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