WristAngel is a bracelet with a sensor as well as an app, which measures various body signals for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This technology, together with artificial intelligence (AI), is supposed to improve the quality, flexibility and effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment for OCD by detecting symptoms of OCD episodes and recommend relevant treatment.

In the feasibility study, we will gather body signals such as heartbeat and skin temperature from 10 children with OCD and their parents. The information will be gathered from the bracelet for 8 weeks. To compare, 10 children without OCD and their parents will carry the bracelet for 8 weeks as well.

Aside from wearing the bracelet the participants must donate saliva samples at the beginning and end of the study to measure hormone levels, which are important for regulation of stress. The participants will also get access to a mobile app to register their symptoms, feelings and stress level. During the periode of the study, the app will give the child exposure exercises to help challenge the OCD. Questionnaires filled in by the participants will be used to train the AI.  

​WristAngel is a part of TECTO. Read more about TECTO here:


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