VIA 7 and VIA 11 - The Danish High Risk and Resilience Study

​Endophenotypes in children of parents with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 

Daily leader: senior researcher assoc. prof. Anne Thorup. Group of principle investigators: senior researcher assoc. prof. Anne Thorup, senior researcher Jens Richardt Jepsen, professor Ole Mors, professor Merete Nordentoft and professor Kerstin J. Plessen.

In this study we examine vulnerability and resilience in children (522 children, 7 years old, follow-up 11 year old) with a familial risk due to their parents either having a psychosis or bipolar disorder in a longitudinal perspective.  

In this study, 522 7-year-old children and their parents in Copenhagen and Århus (202 children with genetic risk of psychosis, 120 children with genetic risk of bipolar disorder, 200 healthy volunteers) were examined with comprehensive psychopathological assessments and neuropsychological tests and genetic mapping. 

Currently we analyze data from the first wave and are reinviting the children for a follow-up examination at the age of 11 years, this time also with MRI and EEG. The MRI in Copenhagen will take place at the DRCMR and in Århus at the CFIN.

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