Copenhagen Child Cohort 2000 (CCC2000)

​Principle investigator, senior researcher assoc. prof.  Pia Jeppesen.

The Copenhagen Child Cohort 2000 (CCC2000) includes several prospective longitudinal studies of 6090 children born in Copenhagen County in year 2000. The birth cohort was established by Anne Mette Skovgaard, dr. med., specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and associate professor at the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark.

CCC2000 has developed collaborations across several psychiatric, clinical and epidemiological research institutions. CCC2000 steering committee includes representatives of the most involved research institutions, that in addition to this Research Unit in the Capital Region counts also Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen, Research Centre for Prevention and Health in the Capital Region, Research Unit in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Central Region Denmark, Research Clinic of functional Disorders and Psychosomatic, Aarhus University Hospital and Eye Clinic in the Capital Region, at Rigshospitalet and Glostrup Hospital.

The CCC2000 group study the development of problematic eating behavior and eating disorders, functional physical disorders and health anxiety, myopia and other developmental eye diseases, as well as emotional and neuro-developmentale mental disorders.

Pia Jeppesen, PhD, senior researcher and specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry headed the follow-up of CCC2000 at age 11-12 years and continue to lead the exploration of risk mechanisms and developmental pathways to psychosis in CCC2000, based on the relatively common occurrence of psychotic experiences (PE) in childhood and young age. PE includes hallucinatory experiences, delusional-like ideas and subjective thought disorders without presence of clinically significant psychosis. The CCC2000 psychosis-studies continue to map the epidemiology, clinical correlates and psychopathological significance of PE in children and adolescents. The ongoing assessment of the CCC2000 at age 16 years involve postdoctoral, Ph.D., and research year studies, carried out in collaboration with Professor Jim van Os, Department of Psychiatry and Psychology Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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