TEENS Trials

​Principle investigator, senior researcher Britt Reuter Morthorst. Team leader, psychologist Lotte Tubæk

TEENS Trials consist of two randomized trials – a feasibility study and a large multi-center study, both are clinical projects. TEENS Trials examine, as the first, internet-based therapy for self-harming adolescents referred to ambulatory treatment at BUC. As of now, there is no separate treatment for self-harm, and a routinely screening for this behavior has only been implemented by Team for self-harm in connection to this project. The internet-based therapy is called ERITA, short for Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents. The program is exclusively offered online and consists of an introduction and eleven modules, which trains emotion recognition and regulation as well as distraction techniques. The participants are in contact with an ERITA therapist during the whole program, who will guide and motivate to complete the program. Furthermore, ERITA includes a section for parents, which consists of six modules.

In the ERITA feasibility trial we tested whether it ​was possible to complete online therapy and whether young patients wanted to participate in this type of study. It turned out that both adolescents and their parents were willing to take part and most importantly they also attended in a research interview at the beginning and end of the study.

Based on the above, we have planned a large TEENS Multi-site Trial in collaboration with two other danish regions, Region of Zealand and Region of Southern Denmark. In cooperation we will include 365 participants and their families to test ERITA to see whether there is an effect of internet-based therapy for self-harming adolescents referred to ambulatory treatment. TEENS Multi-site Trial is expected to include participants until December 2023. 

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