Mind My Mind

​– collaboration between the Danish Tryg Foundation, Psykiatrifonden, the mental health services in three regions of Denmark, and three municipalities in Denmark. Pia Jeppesen, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Center – Capital Region of Denmark, is the principal investigator.

Mind My Mind – psychological help for school children with emotional and behavioral difficulties

The overarching goals are to develop, implement, evaluate and disseminate a program for the prevention and treatment of children’s emotional and behavioral disturbances at the lowest effective level. 

The Mind My Mind group has developed a Danish transdiagnostic modular cognitive and behavioral treatment manual (the Mind My Mind training); an IT system consisting of Web-based questionnaires for assessing and monitoring children; an organizational structure and collaboration with municipalities and regional child and adolescent mental health centers, and education and ongoing weekly supervision of the PPR psychologists to secure their adherence and competence in the delivery of the Mind My Mind training.The current feasibility randomized controlled trial (RCT) demonstrates that the program can be implemented and evaluated using a randomized study design in Danish municipalities. 

Mind My Mind training

The next stage (2017–20) includes a RCT of the Mind My Mind training versus usual support in school-aged children with anxiety, depressive symptoms and/or behavioural problems. The study sites are the Educational Psychological Counselling (PPR) in three municipalities in Denmark. The study is a pragmatic RCT testing the costs and effects of the experimental intervention under “real world conditions”. 

Long-term perspectives focusing on indicated prevention

The experimental intervention comprises evidence-based cognitive and behavioural therapeutic (CBT) methods and techniques which are organized into general and problem-specific modules for children aged 6-16 years. The intervention is tailored to the individual child and targets subclinical or clinical levels of anxiety, depression and/or behavioural problems. The format is individual CBT with parents involved as co-agents of changing child behavior. For children with behavioural problems, the manual prescribes parent training. Mind My Mind is a groundbreaking development and research project focusing on indicated prevention of a scale, character and quality, not previously seen in Denmark. 


Mind My Mind is funded by Tryg Foundation (TrygFonden) and operated by the Mental Health Foundation (Psykiatrifonden) in cooperation with municipalities and regions in Denmark. The independent research is conducted by the Mind My Mind research group in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Center – Capital Region of Denmark.

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