Anne Katrine Pagsberg

Acting head of the Research Unit, MD, PhD, Mental Health Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Associate professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.


Primary area of research

Anne Katrine Pagsbergs’ main interest is clinical research in children and adolescents with mental disorders. Currently, the focus is treatment trials on antipsychotic treatment in children and adolescents with schizophrenia spectrum psychosis (TEA), and psychotherapy for OCD (TECTO). Furthermore, she is engaged in and supervises projects on: 

  • methylphenidate treatment for children and adolescents with ADHD (INDICES)
  • risk of suicidal behavior in treatment with antidepressants in children and adolescents
  • off-label use and side effects in pediatric psychopharmacology
  • diagnostic validation in child- and adolescents psychiatry
  • neurobiological markers of ADHD and schizophrenia
  • infants of mothers with bipolar disorder (MIPAD). 

In addition, she has experience with research in eating disorders in youth (Ph.d. Mette Bentz). Methodologically she works with randomised controlled trials, cohort studies, clinical studies comparing mentally patients with typically developing youth, register studies, and meta-analyses. 

Current research

Anne Katrine Pagsberg is principal investigator for a randomised controlled trial investigating the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy in youth with OCD (TECTO – Treatment Effects of Cognitive Therapy in Adolescents with OCD). She is the leader and sponsor of a longitudinal study of youth with schizophrenia spectrum psychosis (TEA – Tolerability and Efficacy of Antipsychotics). She is principal investigator for a study investigating the mother-child relationship in infants of mothers with bipolar disorder (MIPAD - A longitudinal study of Mother-infant Interaction, affective cognition, and attachment postpartum in new mothers with bipolar Affective Disorder). 

Responsible editor