Pia Jeppesen

Ph.D., senior researcher and senior consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry. Associate professor, at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Clinical Medicine. Principal investigator on the Mind My Mind RCT, sponsored by TrygFonden and PsykiatriFonden. Lectures pre- and postgraduate courses in child and adolescent psychiatry, developmental psychopathology, psychopathological interviews, epidemiology and research methods.


Primary area of research

My main research interest and activities lie in clinical and epidemiological studies of the developmental pathways to mental disorders, risk mechanisms, early and preventive interventions and documentation of treatment effects.

My overall goal is to gain new knowledge that can be put into practice in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders. I think that early intervention is our best chance to reduce the burden of mental disorders. Therefore, we need a better understanding of the protective factors, the risk factors and the pathological mechanisms driving the development of mental disorders.

I have worked on randomized clinical trials (RCT) and epidemiological cohort studies, including TEA, CCC2000 and INDICES.

Current research

I am the principal investigator (PI) on the RCT of Mind My Mind versus treatment as usual for school children with emotional and behavioral problems. The experimental intervention is a transdiagnostisk flexible and modular cognitive and behavioral psychological treatment. The study is conducted in four municipalities in Denmark, in the educational psychological counseling (PPR).
I am also responsible for the study of developmental pathways from psychotic experiences (PE) in childhood to clinically significant disorders in young age (CCC2000).

Finally, I supervise a number of Ph.D. and research year studies, including the 12-week observational study of the response after initiation of methylphenidate in children with ADHD.

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