André Mathiassen

​PhD student André Mathiassen is workning on the research project DANSECT at CNDR.

​​​​Curriculum vitae

2022: Specialist in clinical neuropsychology, Danish Psychological Association​
2018: Authorized​ by Psykolognævnet, Ankestyrelsen
2010-2015: Cand.psych., SDU
Work experience
2021-Now: PhD scholarship, CNDR, PC Glostrup
2019-2021: Nevrologisk avdeling og Distriktspsykiatrisk senter, Sykehuset Innlandet, Norway​
2019-2020: BOMI – Center for rehabilitation and brain injury
2017-2018: The communication center, The capital region
2016-2017: Neurological department​, Sjællands University Hospital​​

Scientific focus areas:
The neuropsychological aspects of affective disorders.
The neuropsychological side effects of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).​
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